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IWUF Online Wushu Classroom (5th Week)

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  1. 18th Gymnasiade – 2020 Schools Summer Games

    2020.10.17 to 2020.10.24

  2. 10th Sanda World Cup

    2020.11.26 to 2020.11.30

  3. 8th World Junior Wushu Championships

    2020.12.12 to 2020.12.19



IWUF Online Wushu Classroom Will Start on May 15th; 1st Week’s Schedule of Taiji Live Courses for You

Latest News

  • 2020.07.07

    8th World Junior Wushu Championships Postponed

  • 2020.07.03

    IWUF Online Wushu Classroom: 7th Week Schedule

  • 2020.07.01

    10th Sanda World Cup Postponed

  • 2020.06.25

    IWUF Wushu Classroom: 6th Week Schedule


15th World Wushu Championships (2019)

October 19-24

Wushu TV

  • Dong ZHU: Taiji Exercise at Home (Primary Version)
  • Jianhui LAI: Taiji and Health
  • Jack Chang LOH: Taiji Basic Stances
  • Upcoming events

    Junfa WANG: Eight Form Taiji-1
  • Chen Style Turn Around to Lotus Sweep-TJQC ZSBL
  • Chen Style Raise the Hands-TJQC TS

IWUF pictures

  • 2018 World Wing Chun Open Competition

    4 pictures

  • 9th Sanda World Cup

    8 pictures

  • 2nd Taolu World Cup

    10 pictures

  • 3rd World Taijiquan Championships

    18 pictures

  • 7th World Junior Wushu Championships

    13 pictures

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  • Hi I would like to become referee what is the steps . Thanks

  • 2nd World Wushu Kung Fu Day be successful, I wish Wushu more progress in the future. Md. Abdul Jabbar a member of the BWUF

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