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IWUF was established on October 3,1990 in Beijing,China,the location of its headquarters.At the 28th The annual Digital Wulin Tournament, formerly the Age of Wu......

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Martial Arts


Digital Martial Arts Database


In April 2014, Snail Game and the International Wushu Federation came up with a plan to create a digital martial arts database.



Snail Game was founded in 2000, and is one of China's earliest online game developers. Currently, 70% of its staff is devoted to researching new technologies, and the company owns an impressive array of innovative software. Snail Game has developed more than 50 games, digital movies and mobile technologies, and boasts more than 85 million users across 100 countries. Snail Game is one of China's leading exporters of culture.



The digital martial arts database uses motion-capture technology to record traditional martial arts forms in one central location. This user-friendly, digital format allows the beautiful art of wushu to be accessible to an even wider audience. Discipline, grace, and feats of classic martial skill are now right at your fingertips!



Snail has invited such International Wushu Federation champions as Wei Jian and Ma Lan to perform weapon-based and empty-handed martial arts routines before motion capture equipment, capturing their refined motions for posterity. Snail Game will continue to do this, ever adding to its repository and continuing to create innovative digital products with them.