2nd WWKD – Wushu-Kungfu with Friends Everywhere

World Wushu-Kungfu Day : Wushu-Kungfu with Friends Everywhere

August 1 0 , 201 9

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On Saturday, August 10, 2019 wushu practitioners, fans, and athletes on all five continents excitedly celebrated the second World Wushu-Kungfu Day (WWKD). Wushu clubs, schools and individuals in dozens of countries energetically took part in performances, competitions, and in-house exhibitions, and social media was buzzing as people marked their photos, videos, and memories with the hashtag #WWKD2019 photos.


“Wushu-Kungfu with Friends Everywhere” was the theme of WWKD 2019, and the holiday successfully achieved its goal of raising global awareness of all forms of wushu-kungfu and practitioners of all styles, whether traditional styles or contemporary competition forms. It was evident that wushu-kungfu practice helps develop athleticism, promote health, boost confidence, foster community, and promote cultural exchange.


Since the first World Wushu-Kungfu Day (WWKD) in 2018 came to a close last year, the IWUF continued thinking of ways for wushu-kungfu enthusiasts all over the world to become even more involved in this year’s holiday, and so announced the “2019 WWKD Logo Design Competition,” for which over 100 designs were submitted for consideration. The final logo, designed by Iunusova Albina of Kyrgyzstan, appeared in and on posters, souvenirs, announcements, and videos leading up to, on, and following WWKD.


In addition to the successful implementation of a WWKD logo design competition, the official WWKD 2019 Brochure was made available in 7 languages. Owing to the help of wushu experts all over the world, the brochure was available to download, print, and distribute as part of this exciting step in the worldwide wushu movement.


Finally, in recognition of the efforts and support of IWUF member federations, along with individual educational institutions, clubs, and enthusiasts to participate in promoting wushu through exciting and unique WWKD activities, the IWUF organized the selection of individual organizations as “ 2019 WWKD Outstanding Organizer ” and individual activities as “ 2019 WWKD Outstanding Promotion ” for World Wushu-Kungfu Day in 2019.


We’re excited by how much the worldwide wushu-kungfu community has grown, and inspired by all of our potential for the future. We look forward to your participation and enthusiasm again next year as we all celebrate World Wushu-Kungfu Day 2020 together!


In the meantime, check out some of the fun WWKD celebrations on Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtags #WWKD2018 and #WWKD2019.


Logo Design Competition


With such an exciting level of global participation in the first World Wushu-Kungfu Day (WWKD) in 2018, we’ve been thinking of ways for wushu-kungfu enthusiasts all over the world to become even more involved in the next one on August 10, 2019. Here’s a big one:


Be the creative mind behind the logo for WWKD 2019!


We’re giving you a unique chance to help make the celebration yours (and take home some serious cash in the process!) by designing the official logo for WWKD 2019 that will be used in celebrations all around the world, including official WWKD memorabilia and video promotions. Details below!


Dates for design submission: January 11 – March 15, 2019


WWKD Purpose:


Submissions should be consistent with the spirit of World Wushu-Kungfu Day, reflecting the essence and goals of WWKD that extend far beyond promoting wushu-kungfu as an aspiring Olympic sport – through WWKD, we aim to raise global awareness of all forms of kungfu and practitioners of all kungfu styles, traditional or contemporary.


The benefits of kungfu practice, including developing athleticism, promoting health, boosting confidence, fostering community, and engaging in cultural exchange (among others), are no secret to wushu-kungfu practitioners and fans.


Selection Process:


All submissions will be reviewed for quality, adherence to specifications/requirements, and consistency with the aim and spirit of WWKD. Six (6) submissions will be selected as finalists for open voting that will take place on IWUF social media platforms. All finalists will be awarded monetary prizes, with first place receiving the top amount.




1st Place – USD $2,000

2nd-6th Places – USD $200


Main Design Requirements:


Design Guidelines


The design should give a strong visual impression with creative ideas and vivid colors, and be memorable overall. Keep in mind that the logo will appear in a range of different media (print, online, social media, etc.) and sizes.


Designs can be created using any software. The size of design files should be no less than 3840*2160 pixels, 300 dpi. Source files of the design, such as PSD and AI, should be submitted along with a JPG file and a PNG file.


The design should be accompanied by a description of its core design concept. The explanatory text should be an electronic document in .doc or .docx format. The designer’s name, school/company/team/individual, and contact information should be specified.


Submission Guidelines


When submitting, please put the designs and their explanatory texts into one compressed file. The file name should be “[school/company/team/individual name]_WWKD 2019 Logo Design”.


Please send an email with design files attached to media@iwuf.org with the subject line “WWKD 2019 Logo Design”. All submissions must be accompanied by artist’s full name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address.

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