The IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program was developed in 2017 and launched in January 2018. It is divided into three levels of sponsorship, with each level requiring a different level of support: Global Partner, Global Sponsor, and Global Supplier. Those who meet the requirements of official IWUF events and international marketing rules are all eligible to become four-year sponsors of the IWUF.


The Global Sponsorship Program covers two World Championship cycles, including all of the IWUF signature events from 2018-2021. The potential partners can support the sport of wushu by providing equipment, goods, services and cash for the production of the wushu competition and the future of wushu.


The IWUF will grant corresponding rights and benefits to the sponsors, including but not limited to the use of the IWUF logo, the use of the IWUF license title, sponsor logo recognition, event intellectual property rights, media dissemination rights, print promotion, rights connected to related activities, on-site advertising resources, on-site exhibitions, value-added remuneration rights and benefits, and market protection rights.


In addition, the sponsors are offered the possibility to tailor their sponsorship according to their marketing strategy and needs. For example, they can individually use the Official logo and create composite logos. This not only allows them to differentiate themselves creatively from uninvolved third parties but also gives them an excellent marketing tool.


IWUF sponsor relations are essential, and the IWUF connects with and supports the organizations that promote the IWUF’s values, mission, and vision. With more frequent communications, as well as post-event and year end performance reports, IWUF sponsors and partners now have an even more comprehensive understanding of the benefits and impact of their endorsement.


In the future, the IWUF seeks to grow and develop the international wushu market to unprecedented levels.


Global Partner : Heng Yuan Xiang Group (HYX)

On November 25, 2017 the 2018-2021 Global Partner Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony was held with the IWUF and Heng Yuan Xiang Group (HYX) in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. The beginning of this sponsorship program marks the IWUF’s new level of international wushu marketing on the global stage. The IWUF and Heng Yuan Xiang will further their mutual engagement and commitment to the common goal of the globalization of wushu.

Website:   http://www.hyx1927.com/


Global Sponsor: ANTA Sports Group

ANTA Sports Group will be an official IWUF 2019-2022 Global Sponsor. ANTA Sports Products Limited, which was established in 1991, is one of the leading sportswear companies in China, and has been the official sports apparel partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee since 2009. The company also provided IOC uniforms for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 and the YOG Buenos Aires 2018.

Website: https://www.anta.com/


Global Supplier: Shandong Taishan Sports Equipment Co. Ltd

Taishan sports is an international well-known sports brand growing steadily with the development of reform and opening up of China in the past 40 years. Adhering to the concept of “Be Good People, Produce Good Products”, Taishan has achieved the historic leap from a family workshop to the world stage of sports industry.

Website: http://www.taishansports.com/


Global Supplier: Fujian Wesing Sports Goods Co. Ltd.

With over 30 years of industry manufacturing experience and marketing network covering 21 countries and regions around the world, Fujian Weizhixing sports goods co., ltd is an enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and on-site construction of competitive sports equipment and training equipment.

Website: http://www.wesingsports.com/


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Sponsors are crucial to the continued development and promotion of the sport of wushu worldwide. If you would like to join us to support development of wushu, please contact us at marketing@iwuf.org .

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