Solidarity Program

IWUF Solidarity Program: Wushu For All


  1. WHY WE DO

The IWUF is devoted to developing wushu throughout the world, enriching people’s lives physically and mentally, and promoting friendship and understanding, free from all forms of discrimination, between all people through the spirit of sport.

Under the IWUF vision and mission, the IWUF Solidarity program arose to meet the needs of all members.

The aim of the IWUF Solidarity Program is to provide assistance to IWUF member federations, in particular those with the greatest need. Through such targeted technical and financial assistance, the IWUF sets the goal for its members as achieving sustainable wushu growth and development in their respective countries/regions.



The IWUF Solidarity Program addresses members’ most pressing needs, focusing on understanding development process issues faced by its national/regional member federations (NFs). The Program is also implemented on a continental level, since Continental Federations (CFs) have access to local resources and, in addition, nuanced understandings of wushu in their area.

The IWUF Solidarity Program is broken down into several individual programs that are available to its NFs and CFs, as follows:


2.1 Athletes & Coaches Training Program

The main objective of the Athletes & Coaches Training Program is to offer professional training resources to NFs’ coaches and athletes. Through these resources, NFs can improve overall training methodologies, and help athletes’ and coaches’ further develop skills in their respective roles.


2.2 Equipment Support Program

The objective of the Equipment Support Program is to provide wushu equipment to NFs to meet their training and competition requirements, ensure safety standards, and prepare athletes for world championships.


2.3 Team Support Grant Program

The main objective of the Team Support Grant (Air-ticket Subsidy) Program is to enable NFs, in particular those with the greatest need, to participate in IWUF signature and other major events, including the World Wushu Championships (WWC), World Junior Wushu Championships (WJWC), and IWUF Congress.


2.4 World/Continental Championships Host Subsidy Program

The main objective of the World/Continental Championships Host Subsidy Program is to provide financial and material assistance to the host federation of World or Continental Championship-level events, and to optimize the organization of the competitions and related activities linked to the promotion and development of wushu in the country/region.


2.5 Continental Program

The main objective of the Continental Program is to provide financial assistance to CFs to optimize federation management, improve administration, and increase participation in continental or regional multi-sport games. If necessary, the program also sponsors equipment for continental events to ensure they are held in accordance with IWUF’s professional and safety standards.


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