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International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Courses

May - June 2024

Judges are vital to the healthy development of the international wushu business. The IWUF attaches great importance to the construction and management of the judges’ team and constantly improves the judges’ management system. The International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Classes are divided into Wushu Taolu Classes and Wushu Sanda Classes, which are held once every two years. Participants can obtain the corresponding qualification level only after passing the technical examination, theory examination and judging examination. The IWUF Judges’ Committee is responsible for international wushu judges’ training, certification, registration, upgrading and the related work, in order to improve judges’ technical level and professionalism.

International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course 2023

Learning Materials 


Learning Materials for International Wushu Judges Training  & Certification Course 2023 includes the following:


  • Part One: Documents ( Courseware of Wushu Taolu Group A, Group B,Group C and Wushu Sanda)
  • 第一部分:文件(武术套路A组/B组/C组和武术散打的培训课件)
  • Part Two: Judging Exercise Videos第二部分: 评判练习视频
  • Note:Wushu Taolu Group B Judging Exercise Answers are in the Documents. Other exercise answers are shown in the end of each video.  (备注:武术套路B组评判练习视频的答案可在文件区下载,其他评判练习视频的答案均在每个练习视频结尾呈现。)

If you have any quesiton about the above learning materials , you can consult  the lectures for 2023 International Wushu Training & Certificatation Course and find the contact information in the below picture. 关于以上学习资料,如有问题,可咨询2023年国际武术裁判员培训与认证班的讲师,联系方式见下图。

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